El Salvador Pays Off $800M Bond Debt, Refutes Media Predictions

• El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele has criticized „legacy international news outlets“ for their unfair coverage of the country’s repayment of its $800 million bond debt.
• Bukele said that these media outlets had previously predicted El Salvador would default on its debt but failed to report when it was paid in full.
• Bukele called out the legacy media outlets for their lies and said they often go silent when their lies are exposed.

El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele has recently criticized „legacy international news outlets“ for their unfair coverage of the country’s repayment of its $800 million bond debt. Bukele said that these media outlets had extensively predicted that the South American country would default on its debts because of its „Bitcoin bet“, and wrote that it might have to strike a deal with the International Monetary Fund to make its bond payments due to its Bitcoin losses. He noted that despite El Salvador making the full $800 million payment with interests as and when due, almost no one was covering the story.

Bukele accused the legacy media outlets of lying and said that they often go silent when their lies are exposed. He argued that the lack of coverage was unfair and said that the media should have been talking about the success of El Salvador’s bond debt repayment, rather than its potential failure.

The repayment of the bond debt is coming on the heels of an approval to sell BTC-backed bonds worth $1 billion. El Salvador plans to use the funds from these bonds to purchase more BTC and build a „Bitcoin City“. The country has also recently become the first nation to make Bitcoin legal tender, which was hailed as a major victory for cryptocurrency adoption.

Despite the media’s silence, El Salvador’s success with its bond debt repayment is a milestone in the world of finance. The country has shown that it is capable of meeting its financial obligations, even in the face of economic uncertainty. This is a testament to the country’s commitment to financial responsibility and stability, and should be applauded by the international community.

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BlockFi Collapses Under Crypto Mining Woes, Plans to Sell $160M in BTC Loans

-Crypto lender BlockFi has filed for bankruptcy and is planning to sell $160 million of Bitcoin (BTC) miner-backed loans.
-The loans are collateralized by approximately 68,000 BTC mining machines.
-The price of BTC miners fell by around 85% over the past year due to the fall in BTC price in 2022 and the rising cost of power.

Crypto lender BlockFi has recently filed for bankruptcy, and is now planning to sell $160 million of Bitcoin (BTC) miner-backed loans. These loans are collateralized by approximately 68,000 BTC mining machines which have seen their value decline drastically in the past year. In fact, the price of BTC miners fell by around 85%, as the fall in BTC price in 2022 and the rising cost of power have severely impacted the demand for these machines.

The collapse of FTX, one of the biggest players in the crypto mining sector, has further amplified the woes of BlockFi, which has been providing loans to miners in the past year. This has resulted in some loans defaulting and some becoming under-collateralized. Consequently, in order to recoup its losses, BlockFi is now looking to sell these miner-backed loans, which is worth around $160 million.

Another major player in the mining sector, Core Scientific, has also filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in December 2022, while Argo Blockchain sold its Texas mining facility to Galaxy Digital for $65 million — securing a $35 million loan from the firm in late December 2022.

With miners unable to pay off their loans, and with the crypto market still volatile and uncertain, it remains to be seen how BlockFi will manage to recover from this crisis. It is likely that the lender will have to restructure its loans to reflect the current market price of BTC miners. However, as the crypto market continues to mature, it is expected that more players will enter the market and help create a more stable and viable industry.

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BitSignal Trading App Review – Is this Trading System a Scam?


BitSignal Trading System is set to go all over the world in 2021, as analysts continue to forecast a massive cryptocurrency boom that could last up to the middle of 2022.

Experts are promoting BitSignal as the best way of investing into bitcoin. The trading platform reportedly bets on bitcoin and generates huge profit for the customers. You’re highly likely to earn money if you adhere to BitSignal trading guidelines.

Is the robot legitimate? Our experts have examined BitSignal in depth and created this review to assist you in making an informed choice. We believe that this software is genuine after analysing huge datasets, which include more than 10,000 reviews from users.

Check out our sassy BitSignal review up to the final page to discover the techniques to earn money with this fantastic trading platform.

BitSignal review – Important things to take note of!

This robot for trading is 6 years old and consequently, one of the pioneers of applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) for bitcoin trade.

BitSignal is likely to be the most well-known crypto trading platform in 2021. It’s rated highly on a majority of review sites and has earned three performance awards in the last year in a row. The most prestigious award is the highly coveted Best AI Robot Award by the Global Council of Algorithmic Traders (GCAT ).

BitSignal is said to make a typical user millionaire if they invest at 60 percent of their daily income. The trading robot is said to triple or even double trading accounts in the first few days of trading.

For the majority of people, the profits reported are unbelievable until the technological capabilities that drive the machine are considered. BitSignal relies on AI which has helped for years Wall Street banks generate insane profits for their customers.

A few of them like Morgan Stanley, Bank of America as well as Goldman Sachs have invested billions in AI-driven trading platforms. You must have at minimum 1 dollar in capital to trade via an AI robot that is owned by the major investment banks.

BitSignal makes AI-powered trading available to everyone by providing a no-license trading platform. The robot is available to the vast majority of users as an initial deposit of $250 is required in order to utilize it. Many BitSignal customers have reported generating huge gains in just a couple of minutes of trade.

What is BitSignal?

A study released by CNBC indicates that robots will be able to replace 20 million jobs in 2030. Automation is already happening across many industries, however the financial sector has seen the most disruption.

BitSignal trading software automates Bitcoin volatility trading. Intelligent AI algorithms are the basis of the system and thus can analyze market information with an accuracy of 90 percent. This is a huge feat considering that the best human traders aren’t even capable of achieving an accuracy of 50.

The trading of volatility involves placing bets on the fluctuation of prices for assets without actually being the owner of the asset. Thus, BitSignal users do not require the long and tedious process of purchasing crypto to earn money from the system.

In addition, users are able to earn a decent amount of money, even if bitcoin prices are experiencing an unaffected decline. BitSignal employs the short-selling method to profit from this bear market.

Does BitSignal a fake or legitimate platform?

We’ve done thorough checks of the background of BitSignal and have confirmed that it is an authentic trading platform. The first thing to note is that the robot is backed by thousands of reviews from customers on TrustPilot with more than 90% of reviewers giving it favorable reviews.

Furthermore, BitSignal is widely reviewed by experts from credible crypto websites and the majority claim that it is a revolutionary trading platform. The company has also been seen on TV shows of a popular nature like Good Morning America and This Morning Show.

The third reason is that BitSignal is partnered with most reputable brokers in the market. The brokers are regulated through the FCA, ASIC, and CySEC. They are top regulators with an international reputation. BitSignal partners with brokers are believed to keep clients‘ money separate by utilizing top banks, such as those of the National Bank of Australia, Bank of America Merril Lynch as well as HSBC Holdings.

Beginning with BitSignal

BitSignal is available worldwide in more than 15 languages. Anyone can sign up using the robot even if registration slots are a bit limited.

It is a good idea to consider yourself lucky if you get access to the registration page on the first try. Registering using BitSignal is not different from the registration process for any financial online platform.

Sign up for with us for a free account

Create an account with BitSignal Trading account using this link. authenticate it by confirming your contact information in accordance with the instructions.

You’ll be redirected you to one of BitSignal’s partners to complete the registration process by checking your the identity of the person. ID verification is a mandatory requirement for registering. ID confirmation is an required regulation that aims to prevent criminal activity in the financial sector, primarily money laundering.

A minimum deposit of $250

You can fund your BitSignal account with the matching robot broker. You need only as little as USD250 to use the system.

It is possible to make up to three times the amount of capital you invested in just a few hours of trading under favorable market conditions.

BitSignal brokers are secure because they undergo regular audits by external auditors as mandated by the regulatory body. Additionally they are a included in a deposit security scheme to ensure that customers receive compensation in the case of bankruptcy.

Trade on a demo account

BitSignal provides a 10 minute instructional video for trading. It also includes a 12 page trading manual, as well as an account demo to assist you in preparing to trade live.

The demo trading feature we have found extremely useful since it lets you experience the feel of the real-time account. Additionally, it includes $5000 in virtual currency and is based with historical information from markets. The results you can expect from the demo aren’t very dissimilar to what you can expect when you use your live account.

Set the risk management tools , and go live

After the demonstration You will be able to determine your risk appetite and then apply the tools for managing risk accordingly.

Live trading is easy as it is as simple as turning on the „Trade Now“ button. Be sure to select an appropriate trading time zone and stick with it. We suggest that you use BitSignal from 8:00 AM until 4:00 PM EDT as this time zone is characterized by high volatility.

Be aware that BitSignal is extremely reliable during the high volatility of markets. In the EDT timing zone can be extremely volatile because of the bitcoin-futures market in Wall Street. Try BitSignal today by clicking the link below.

BitSignal is a popular media

BitSignal has been reported to have been featured 15 times in the top TV programs on TV in Australia in addition to the UK. But, it didn’t make an appearance on Shark Tank and the Dragons Den like some gossip websites claim.

BitSignal is the brand associated with BitSignal International, a billion-dollar conglomerate that sells white label trading services in Asia, the UK, Australia, North America and Asia. Visit the BitSignal website to find out more about their presence within the press.

BitSignal Review 2021: The Verdict!

This review reveals BitSignal to be reliable and profitable. It is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and employs the scalping strategy for trading.

Scalping is a rapid-paced trading strategy that involves placing bets on tiny price fluctuations. The leverage of as high as 5000:1 offered by BitSignal brokers allows traders to earn profits from tiny price fluctuations.

BitSignal is accessible to the majority of people because only a USD250 investment is required for use. There are no licensing fees for trading using this robot. Additionally, the robot broker has low commissions and competitive spreads.

You can test BitSignal right now, by clicking this link. As we have stated in this article, trading on BitSignal is a significant risk. This is the norm for any venture that is extremely profitable. Do not invest more than 10 percent of your savings into high leveraged trading.


Are BitSignal profitable?

Yes! Experts have recognized BitSignal as the top option for trading bitcoin. Anyone can make huge wealth through trading using this method.

How much do I deposit?

You are able to deposit as much as you like, however the minimum amount required to trade using BitSignal will be $250. The broker in charge of the base facilitates all deposits.

Is BitSignal licensed?

Robots are typically regulated by their broker partners. BitSignal’s partner brokers are regulated by internationally renowned organizations like The UK’s Financial Conduct Authority.

How much money can I earn?

The profitability of BitSignal is contingent on a variety of aspects, such as the amount of capital and the risk tolerance of the trader and, of course, actual market environment.

Is BitSignal a scam or genuine?

No! BitSignal isn’t a scam. The BitSignal trading system is driven by the most advanced trading technology to earn the profits reported.

Bitcoin Up Review 2022 – Legit Trading Robot?

If you’re looking in the future to make a bet on cryptocurrency and have considered trying crypto robots like Bitcoin Up. Bitcoin Up is a trading robot that claims it can execute trades in the cryptocurrency market in a way that is automated by using an algorithm. According to its Bitcoin Up’s website official site, Bitcoin Up has been operating for five years but the claim is not verified. It analyzes market developments and claims be able to, for instance, determine when the most appropriate moment to either sell or purchase cryptocurrency. Our in-depth Bitcoin Up review analyzes the system’s overall performance as well as its legitimacy. We’ll look at it’s assets and market as well as partners, brokers security, fees, as well as other features of the bot and its main features , as well as its pros and cons.

What Is Bitcoin Up?

Bitcoin Up is a trading robot that is designed to automate cryptocurrency trades. It boasts a rate of success of 99.4 percent that is a bit skewed given the high volatility in the cryptocurrency market. The system is said to use special algorithms based on Artificial Intelligence as well as Natural Language Processing to analyse enormous quantities of data.

Bitcoin Up

The information processed comprises market conditions as well as patterns, historical data, and trends. All of this is used to determine the most optimal starting and ending points to trade. Trades may be made manual mode to allow greater control over the assets that trade with, including stop loss, and other limitations. If the market conditions are achieved the robot will execute the trade using a typical broker’s platform.

Bitcoin Up Overview

Robot Type: Bitcoin Robot
Official Bitcoin Up Website? https://bitcoinup.io/
Minimum Deposit: $250
Is It a Scam or Legit? Legit
Claimed Win Rate: 99.4%
Trading Fees: None
Account Fees: None
Deposit/Withdrawal Fees: None
Software Cost: Free
Withdrawal Timeframe: 48 Hours
Supported Cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, LTC
Supported Fiat Currencies: USD, EUR, JPY
Leverage: 1:1000
Native Mobile App: No
Free Demo Account: Yes
Customer Support: Email, Phone
Verification Required: KYC
Automated Trading: Yes
CFD Available Yes

Bitcoin Up – Visit now Table of Contents

Pros and Cons of Using Bitcoin Up


No hidden fees or commissionAdvanced security measures like 2FAAutomated trading Fast process of registrationResponsive 24/7 customer service


Brokers are selected automatically. A mobile app isn’t available. details about the platform’s founders

Minimum Deposit$250Exclusive PromotionUser Score8Start TradingCompare Robots

Who is the Bitcoin Up Owner?

Bitcoin Up was founded in 2014 by a group of highly experienced trading professionals and developers of software. With

many years of study and discussions through consultations and research, the team made sure they had created a user-friendly bot that gives all traders an opportunity to earn money through the cryptocurrency market. The team created Bitcoin Up based on advanced technology and trading strategies to assist you in maximizing the potential of your abilities.

The most appealing aspect of Bitcoin Up is that it is always ahead of the curve as its owners regularly upgrade it to improve its performance. The bot is secured and is in compliance with KYC guidelines to protect your personal data and email. The most important thing is that Bitcoin Up partners with regulated brokers to ensure a more pleasant experience and security of your money.

Getting Started With Bitcoin Up

Bitcoin Up owners pride themselves in creating a user-friendly, automated platform that maximizes the potential of your. The registration process for accounts is simple and can only take a few minutes to complete. Bitcoin Up is available in more than 125 countries around the world You must also be a part of the KYC verification procedure and make a deposit of at minimum USD 250. If you’re looking to sign up with Bitcoin Up, here is an overview of how to register.

  • Step 1.Create the account. Bitcoin Up account.
  • Step 2.Fund your account, and then turn on the robot.
  • Step 3.Start trading and keep track of its performance for improved efficiency.

Bitcoin Up Markets, Assets, and Options

What Cryptocurrencies and Products Can You Trade Using Bitcoin Up?

The problem is that Bitcoin Up only supports cryptocurrency assets. You are not able to make use of the software to control other products for trading including commodities, stocks, forex and more. You could look into a different trading robot if your portfolio includes diversified instruments from different financial markets.

What Leverage Trading Options Are There With Bitcoin Up?

While the site does not provide any information on leverage limits, Bitcoin Up offers its customers a leverage of 1:1000, which is an average range that is common to other robots. This means that a trader could trade as high as 11,000 times what they of money deposited that could yield 1000 times more money. But , of course it comes with a more risk.

The use of leverage in trading is extremely risky, specifically in the crypto market due to the volatility of prices. We don’t recommend trading using leverage for new traders since they could lose their entire capital if the trade doesn’t go according to plan.

What Are the Spreads on Bitcoin Up?

There is no details on the spreads of Bitcoin Up.

If you’d like to learn more, take an interest in our guides on:

  • Cryptocurrency spread betting
  • Bitcoin CFD trading

Sign up with Bitcoin Up

Fees, Limits, and Payment Options on Bitcoin Up

How Much Does Bitcoin Up Cost?

Although Bitcoin Up offers free trading automated services, we suggest that you verify the costs needed to make trades with brokers. Be aware that brokers‘ charges differ, so you need to select the one that best suits your budget. In the end, Bitcoin Up is an excellent complement in your trading. There are also deposit bonus offers to keep an eye out at times to enhance your profits and experience.

Minimum Deposit: $250
Trading Fees: Zero
Account Fees: Zero
Deposit/Withdrawal Fees: Zero
Software Cost: zero
Subscription Cost: Zero

What Are the Payment Methods Accepted by Bitcoin Up?

To be able to use Bitcoin Up, a trader must make an initial deposit of $250 to their account. The options for depositing funds include:

  • Credit/ debit cards
  • Western Union
  • Wire Transfer
  • E-wallets like Skrill or Neteller.
  • Bitcoin wallets

In order to initiate a withdrawal you must submit an application. After that, the amount will be transferred to your account within 24 hours. You must possess an ID issued by the government to be able to withdraw your money.

Does Bitcoin Up Also Charge Fees and Commissions?

No. According to the site, on its official web page there aren’t additional fees for registration or trading fees associated with the service. However, it is important to keep in mind that brokers could charge a small commission when you make withdrawals.

Bitcoin Up Trade Sizes and Limits

There’s no limit to the amount of trades you can conduct with Bitcoin Up. While the minimum deposit amount of $250 is met, the service provides a variety of sizes for trades based on the broker. There aren’t any withdrawal limits or limitations on withdrawal period.

Bitcoin Up’s Platform

How Does Bitcoin Up Work?

Bitcoin Up has established an extensive network of brokers in different countries. The platform uses an API to make orders with brokers after having analyzed the market with a variety of analytical and technological tools.

The system has been reported to scan the entire cryptocurrency market for precise forecasts based on the market conditions. The trade process can be automated or manual. It is supported by a strong security system that helps protect users‘ personal information.

What Devices Can I Use Bitcoin Up On?

Bitcoin Up does not have an application for mobile devices that is native. But, you can access the site from many different devices, such as:

  • Mobile phones
  • Tablets
  • Laptops and desktop computers

The platform doesn’t require an installation or download. It is accessible via Bitcoin Up login via your internet browser on the devices mentioned above. Forex traders need a stable internet connection as well as a functioning device to enjoy a smooth experience.

Begin with Bitcoin Up

What Exchanges and Brokers Does Bitcoin Up Partner With?

Bitcoin Up has partnered with licensed brokers that provide cryptocurrency CFD trade instruments. EuropeFX along with 24Option, are the two most well-known brokers through which Bitcoin Up works.

Can I Use Bitcoin Up in My Country?

Bitcoin Up can be used in many countries. Countries that you can use the platform and its features are:

  • Brazil
  • Uruguay
  • Italy
  • Ireland
  • Canada
  • US
  • UK
  • Australia
  • India

Bitcoin Up can be also utilized in different countries. Check if there are restrictions or restrictions in your state or country in which you live prior to making use of Bitcoin Up.

Country Is Bitcoin Up Available?
Can I Use Bitcoin Up in the UK No
Can I Use Bitcoin Up in Canada Yes
Can I Use Bitcoin Up in Australia Yes
Can I Use Bitcoin Up in USA No
Can I Use Bitcoin Up in South Africa Yes
Can I Use Bitcoin Up in New Zealand Yes
Can I Use Bitcoin Up in Philippines Yes
Can I Use Bitcoin Up in UAE Yes
Can I Use Bitcoin Up in Singapore Yes
Can I Use Bitcoin Up in France Yes
Can I Use Bitcoin Up in Spain Yes
Can I Use Bitcoin Up in Italy Yes
Can I Use Bitcoin Up in Germany Yes
Can I Use Bitcoin Up in Nigeria Yes
Can I Use Bitcoin Up in Mexico Yes

Is Bitcoin Up Available in My Language?

The site has a broad range of languages, including the most common such as:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Italian
  • French

Traders are able to translate the website into their preferred language without issues.

How Easy Is It to Use Bitcoin Up?

This platform was created to meet the growing trading needs of traders at all levels. It provides an intuitive interface that functions in manual and autopilot modes. This means you can modify your trades or use the default configurations.

Bitcoin Up is simple to utilize, and it claims that it can help you make money from trading even if you’re a novice. Make sure you are able to manage your risk at the level you’re comfortable with. Trading with high leverage ought to only be undertaken by skilled traders.

How Much Profit Can You Make Using Bitcoin Up?

The amount of money you can make with Bitcoin Up is challenging. Some traders who have previous experience with Bitcoin Up claim that you could earn as much as USD 1,500 using the software. It is essential to study the crypto market and devise strategies to increase your odds of earning cash. Additionally, keep track of the performance of Bitcoin Up to ensure every opportunity to earn money is discovered.

As a trader in cryptocurrency should plan ahead to ensure that everything is according to your expectations. Along with strategizing, consider the potential profits, taking into account taxes and deductions you are allowed to IRS/HRMS. So, you’ll know what you can expect when entering the trade, and then you will be able to decide on your next step. Like we said earlier, Bitcoin Up doesn’t guarantee profit, so be sure to invest in amounts that you’re comfortable losing.

Bitcoin Up Key Features

Bitcoin Up has certain key attributes that set it apart from other platforms. Some of the most important highlights are:

Amazing Customer Support

Bitcoin Up has super fast customer service. Their customer service representatives are able to contact customers quickly.Once you sign up for an account, they reach out to assist you with the next steps. Contact them by email or by phone.

Comprehensive Verification System

After new members have registered with their account, they will be required to provide their email addresses. This will be used to verify their identity. After you hit“Register Now, „Register Now“ button, an agent on behalf of Bitcoin Up Bitcoin Up team will contact immediately for confirmation of your account. The representative will confirm your identity as an incoming user and respond to any questions you may have during your telephone conversation.


Bitcoin Up accepts transactions done through MasterCard as well as VISA debit/credit cards, as well as bank transfer. The withdrawals you make made using Bitcoin Up are smooth and easy . With just two clicks, you are able to start a withdrawal. However, it could take a time to see the transaction be reflected in your account based on the withdrawal method you select.

Start today by registering for Bitcoin Up

Bitcoin Up Security and Regulation

Is Bitcoin Up Legit?

We advise you to use cautiousness when trading and create strategies for trading, since there’s still some market uncertainty. However, Bitcoin Up appears legit.

Is Bitcoin Up Safe?

McAfee as well as BitGo are among the cybersecurity firms selected to offer services for the robot. This means that, during the process of transaction all user information as well as transactions are secured and secured as stated on the platform.

Are My Money and I Protected?

If you’re worried about the legitimacy of the broker Bitcoin Up partners with, take note that tier one authorities supervise these brokers. Furthermore, the broker’s security is assured by keeping your money in a separate account that nobody can access. Additionally, Bitcoin Up is highly secured and is in compliance with KYC policies to safeguard its platform.

Is Bitcoin Up Regulated?

In its own terms, Bitcoin Up does not have any regulations from the central government. However, it may be impacted by regulations on cryptocurrency in the country of origin since it works with licensed brokers and exchanges. Make sure you know if restrictions are applicable in your country. The trading of cryptocurrencies is highly speculation, and there are significant risk involved and it is not recommended to just rely on an app to trade.

Welche Kryptowährungen unterstützt Bitcoin Code?

Bis zum letzten Jahr war Bitcoin Code als eine Austauschplattform bekannt, die sehr wählerisch bei den Kryptowährungen war, die sie auf ihrer Website auflistete. Seitdem hat die Plattform jedoch ihre Reichweite erweitert, indem sie bei der Aufnahme neuer Münzen etwas weniger konservativ geworden ist. So ist es jetzt möglich, 17 verschiedene Kryptowährungen zu kaufen und zu verkaufen.

Sehen Sie sich die Liste der unterstützten Münzen unten an.

Bitcoin Code Pro unterstützt eine Reihe zusätzlicher Coins, die nicht auf der Hauptplattform von specficnz gehandelt werden können und die wir im Folgenden aufgelistet haben. Diese können gegen eine Reihe anderer digitaler Vermögenswerte, wie Bitcoin oder Ethereum, gehandelt werden.


Wie viel kostet es, bei Bitcoin Code zu handeln?

Einer der wichtigsten Faktoren, die bei der Nutzung eines Kryptowährungsbrokers zu berücksichtigen sind, sind die Gebühren, die Sie für den Kauf und Verkauf von Münzen zahlen. Wie wir im Folgenden genauer aufschlüsseln werden, wird Bitcoin Code oft als einer der teureren Kryptowährungsbroker in der Branche angesehen. Dies gilt nicht nur für die Handelsgebühren, auch bestimmte Einzahlungsmethoden sind kostspielig.

Bitcoin Code hat eine etwas komplexe Preisstruktur, wenn es um den Kauf und Verkauf von Kryptowährungen geht, nicht zuletzt, weil es entweder eine feste Gebühr oder eine variable prozentuale Gebühr verwendet.

Erstens, und unabhängig von Ihrem Standort, werden alle Kauf- oder Verkaufsaufträge unter $200 mit einer festen Gebühr belegt. Diese beginnt bei $0,99 für Aufträge unter $10 und reicht bis zu einem Maximum von $2,99 für Aufträge zwischen $50 und $200. Bei einem Betrag von über 200 $ fällt eine feste prozentuale Gebühr an. Der Betrag, den Sie zahlen, hängt von der von Ihnen gewählten Zahlungsmethode ab.

Wenn Sie zum Beispiel bereits über ein Guthaben auf Ihrem Bitcoin Code-Konto verfügen und das Guthaben ausreicht, um den gewünschten Betrag zu decken, dann zahlen Sie eine Gebühr von 1,49 %. Diese wird anschließend von der Menge der Kryptowährung, die Sie erhalten, abgezogen. Wenn Sie zum Beispiel Bitcoin im Wert von 1.000 $ kaufen, würden Sie bei einer Gebühr von 1,49 % in Höhe von 14,90 $ nur noch Kryptowährungen im Wert von 985,10 $ erhalten.

Das ist wirklich sehr teuer, vor allem wenn man sich die Gebühren anderer führender Kryptowährungsbörsen ansieht. Binance zum Beispiel verlangt nur 0,1 %, wenn Sie einen Coin kaufen oder verkaufen wollen, was deutlich günstiger ist. Allerdings sind Einzahlungen und Abhebungen in Fiat-Währung bei Binance im Vergleich zu Bitcoin Code viel eingeschränkter, so dass Sie dies in Betracht ziehen müssen.

Wenn Sie sich für einen Sofortkauf von Kryptowährungen mit Ihrer Debit- oder Kreditkarte entscheiden, sind die Gebühren sogar noch höher. Dies kostet Sie 4,99 % des gesamten Transaktionsbetrags. Zum Beispiel würde ein Kauf mit einer Debitkarte im Wert von 500 $ 24,95 $ an Gebühren kosten. Damit soll der Gefahr einer möglichen Rückbuchung entgegengewirkt und die Kosten für die vom Kartenaussteller erhobenen Bearbeitungsgebühren gedeckt werden.

Gebühren für Einzahlungen und Abhebungen

Erstens: Wenn Sie Ihre Debit- oder Kreditkarte verwenden möchten, müssen Sie einen sofortigen Kryptowährungskauf tätigen. Mit anderen Worten: Sie können Ihre Karte nicht verwenden, um das Geld einfach auf Ihrem Konto für einen späteren Zeitpunkt zu belassen. Sie können dies jedoch tun, wenn Sie sich für eine Einzahlung auf ein Bankkonto entscheiden.

Der Betrag, den Sie bezahlen, hängt von Ihrem Standort ab. Wenn Sie in Europa ansässig sind und das SEPA-Netz nutzen, sind Einzahlungen kostenlos und Abhebungen kosten lediglich 0,15 €.

Im Vereinigten Königreich ist eine Einzahlung per Banküberweisung ebenfalls kostenlos und eine Abhebung kostet nur 1 £. Wenn Sie aus den USA kommen, sind ACH-Einzahlungen und -Abhebungen kostenlos, während eine herkömmliche Banküberweisung 10 $ bzw. 25 $ für Ein- und Auszahlungen kostet.

Wenn Sie aus dem Vereinigten Königreich, der Eurozone, Island, Liechtenstein, Norwegen, der Schweiz oder den USA kommen, können Sie auch mit Paypal kostenlos ein- und auszahlen.

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Grayscale Bitcoin Trust supera Tesla del 50% quest’anno: L’analista capo di Bloomberg per le materie prime

Il capo stratega delle materie prime di Bloomberg afferma che GBTC ha superato Tesla del 50% quest’anno e che Bitcoin è sulla buona strada per diventare un bene a rischio.

Il principale stratega di materie prime di Bloomberg, Mike McGlone, ha condiviso che GBTC sta superando Tesla quest’anno notevolmente grazie alla crescente probabilità per gli ETF Bitcoin.

Egli mostra anche perché la criptovaluta di punta, Bitcoin, è sulla buona strada per diventare un bene di riserva digitale globale.

Grayscale Bitcoin Trust sta superando Tesla

Mike McGlone ha twittato che il prodotto principale del più grande fondo di investimento crypto, Grayscale Investments, ha superato le azioni Tesla.

Secondo il tweet, GBTC ha superato Tesla di quasi il cinquanta per cento nel 2021 finora, dato che le aspettative rialziste per GBTC stanno diventando realtà. Il prezzo delle azioni Grayscale Bitcoin sta ricevendo supporto dall’aumento della probabilità di lancio di Bitcoin ETFs negli Stati Uniti.

Tuttavia, lo stesso fattore sta anche aumentando lo sconto GBTC.

Grayscale #Bitcoin Trust sta guadagnando il sopravvento su #Tesla – Le basi rialziste per GBTC stanno guadagnando gambe, dato che ha superato Tesla di quasi il 50% quest’anno. La crescente probabilità di Bitcoin #ETFs negli Stati Uniti sta sostenendo il prezzo … ma contribuendo allo sconto GBTC.

Nel frattempo, all’inizio di questa settimana, Elon Musk ha annunciato che Tesla ora accetta Bitcoin per le sue auto. La società non ha intenzione di convertire il BTC in fiat e lo conserverà come bene di riserva in aggiunta al valore di 1,5 miliardi di dollari di BTC che Tesla ha acquistato all’inizio di quest’anno.

Dopo l’annuncio di Musk su Bitcoin e Tesla, il prezzo della criptovaluta di punta è sceso, continuando la correzione che era iniziata prima.

„Bitcoin può trasformarsi in un asset a rischio a causa del salto di maturità del 2021“

Mike McGlone ha condiviso un grafico che dimostra un aumento parallelo del prezzo del Bitcoin e dell’indice di liquidità del Bitcoin quest’anno.

Egli ritiene che il „salto di maturazione“ della più grande criptovaluta del mondo quest’anno è probabile che la trasformi in un asset privo di rischio e in una valuta di riserva digitale globale.

Bitcoin è già meno rischioso dell’indice Dow, secondo un tweet di McGlone pubblicato all’inizio di quest’anno. Il capo analista di materie prime di Bloomberg si aspetta che BTC raggiunga gli 80.000 dollari e poi sarà in grado di battere Amazon per capitalizzazione di mercato.

Quest’anno, le istituzioni finanziarie stanno mostrando un crescente interesse verso Bitcoin. Grandi aziende, come MicroStrategy e Tesla stanno comprando in BTC. Gli ETF di Bitcoin sono stati lanciati in Canada.

Inoltre, i giganti Visa e Mastercard stanno abilitando i pagamenti Bitcoin ai commercianti, il che sta stimolando l’interesse dei dettaglianti verso BTC e l’adozione delle criptovalute a livello globale.


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Os bancos podem ser seus próprios bancos? Deutsche Bank, BNY Mellon plano de serviços de custódia

Especialistas dizem que construir soluções de custódia é complicado, mas se tornará crucialmente importante à medida que a criptografia se tornar mais valiosa.

À medida que vários bancos preparam serviços de criptografia de custódia, os detentores agora precisam virar um velho ditado Bitcoin Bank de cabeça para baixo: os bancos estão preparados para ser seus próprios (e dos outros) bancos?

Na semana passada, o BNY Mellon, o banco mais antigo dos Estados Unidos, anunciou que forneceria soluções de custódia, cedendo à pressão de investidores institucionais

Da mesma forma, documentos de dezembro indicam que o Deutsche Bank também está planejando uma solução de custódia, juntamente com serviços de negociação e emissão de tokens.

No entanto, embora os dois bancos estejam bem estabelecidos e tenham experiência no manuseio de uma ampla gama de ativos, isso não significa necessariamente que estejam preparados para criptografar custódia .

“Os ativos digitais são totalmente diferentes dos ativos tradicionais, como títulos, ações e títulos do tesouro. Os ativos digitais são descentralizados por design e, portanto, sua propriedade depende de um modelo totalmente diferente que não pode reutilizar a infraestrutura centralizada existente do mundo bancário tradicional. Para custodiar ativos criptográficos, você precisa de uma infraestrutura totalmente nova ”, disse Jean-Michel Pailhon, vice-presidente de soluções de negócios da Ledger, em uma entrevista à Cointelegraph.

Mesmo para instituições cripto-nativas, a custódia é extremamente complexa. No ano passado, a troca de criptografia KuCoin sofreu um hack que rendeu ao invasor mais de $ 200 milhões. Ter a custódia de grandes somas cria um honeypot atraente para possíveis invasores e, de acordo com especialistas, nem mesmo muitas das principais trocas de criptografia abordam a segurança de custódia de maneira adequada.

“Apenas algumas bolsas de criptografia como Kraken, Gemini e Binance estão investindo muito dinheiro para provar controles internos adequados sobre seus protocolos de gerenciamento de chaves privadas”, disse Dyma Budorin, co-fundadora e CEO da Hacken à Cointelegraph no ano passado.

Se os grandes bancos quiserem abordar a segurança da maneira certa, eles efetivamente têm três opções, disse Pailhon

“Eles podem contratar um custodiante regulado existente, podem construir sua própria infraestrutura de custódia e regulá-la, ou podem comprar uma tecnologia de custódia de um fornecedor e usá-la e regulá-la”.

Principalmente se os bancos optarem por construir suas próprias soluções , os gastos e o tempo podem se acumular rapidamente. Os bancos terão que contratar desenvolvedores dedicados, “alocando grandes investimentos em infraestrutura”, incluindo data centers e servidores, e executar toda a gama regulatória – um processo que sozinho pode levar de “6 a 12 meses”.

“O nível de esforços e investimentos necessários para fornecer a uma instituição uma solução de autocustódia pronta para a empresa é substancialmente maior do que para um indivíduo. Requer tecnologias e processos de governança ligeiramente diferentes para garantir bilhões de dólares em ativos digitais ”, acrescentou.

Independentemente da rota que os bancos tomem, Pailhon diz que é um sinal da crescente legitimidade da criptografia que bancos como o BNY Mellon queiram fornecer soluções de custódia. Além disso, à medida que o marketcap total da crypto cresce e o valor dos ativos para instituições e até mesmo para alguns indivíduos aumenta, as soluções de custódia segura se tornarão cada vez mais importantes.

“Você não pode proteger 5, 10 ou 50 bilhões de dólares em bitcoin com um servidor baseado em garagem ou um computador sem ar localizado em um bunker nas montanhas Apalaches. Você deve implementar uma infraestrutura de custódia totalmente redundante, resiliente, segura, certificável e auditável que pode escalar e capacitar milhões de usuários e oferecer suporte a centenas de milhares de transações de ativos digitais em um mês. O sucesso futuro e a adoção de ativos digitais e da indústria de gerenciamento de ativos digitais dependerão disso. ”

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AAVE is the second global DeFi protocol

Aave is the second largest DeFi protocol in the world.

It offers flash loans and cryptocurrency opportunities.

AAVE tokens were the best performing DeFi assets in 2020

As part of our in-depth decentralized finance (DeFi) series from BeInCrypto, here we’ll take a look at the second most popular decentralized finance protocol in the world at the time of writing: Aave (AAVE).

This DeFi protocol was originally launched as ETHLend, a cryptocurrency asset lending platform founded in 2017 by Helsinki-based programmer Stani Kulechov. The initial ETHLend coin offering (ICO) took place in November 2017 and raised $ 600,000 of Ether (ETH), which was used to create 1 billion LEND tokens, among other things.

The name Aave comes from the Finnish word meaning ‚ghost‘, and the protocol was renamed to reflect this, in September 2018. The Aave protocol went live on the mainnet in January 2020, supporting 16 assets at the time. In July 2020, Aave announced a $ 3 million investment from Three Arrows Capital, Framework Ventures and Parafi Capital.

2020 has been a momentous year for Aave as its Total Locked-In Value (TVL) has jumped more than 560%, from around $ 300,000 to $ 2 billion, by the end of the year. If that wasn’t impressive enough, its rebased AAVE token was the best performing DeFi asset of 2020, with a skyrocketing value of over 5,000%.

The protocol currently holds around $ 4 billion in collateral blockage and has been the subject of a number of audits and security checks.

How flash loans work

Aave was originally launched as a flash lending platform, but the business has now branched out.

The protocol allowed a custom smart contract to borrow assets from its reserve pools in a transaction on the condition that liquidity was returned to the pool before the transaction was completed. No collateral was needed, which was a first for the DeFi industry that was largely over-guaranteed at the time.

If the collateral was not repaid, the transaction would be rolled back to void actions executed up to that point, ensuring the safety of liquidity in the reserve fund.

Flash loans have had a very bad reputation in 2020 as they have been used repeatedly to exploit a number of DeFi protocols. Flash loan mining doesn’t necessarily involve hacking or broken code, it can just take advantage of loopholes in a system’s design.

During the year, a number of DeFi protocols were attacked using the flash loan vector, including bZx (twice), Balancer , Harvest Finance , Value Protocol, Pickle Finance, Warp Finance, and several others. . Aave has not been tapped and remains one of the most secure DeFi platforms at the time of writing.

Flash loans are only part of Aave’s offering. As a lending platform, collateral providers can lock their digital assets into various pools in order to earn interest.

It offers stable rate loans that behave like a short term fixed rate loan, but can be rebalanced over the long term to respond to significant changes in market conditions. Perpetual loans also give users the freedom to obtain liquidity from their deposits with no term or repayment schedule.

Aave works with aTokens which are issued by the protocol to represent the collateral deposited in a smart loan contract on an individual basis. Lenders earn interest on these tokens which are burnt when they are repaid and the collateral is then returned. Deposits can be made in cryptoassets or fiat through a number of wallet and payment partners.

Aave is undergoing an update

In July 2020, Aave founder Kulechov announced a major overhaul of the protocol’s tokenomics, which involved a massive downgrade and renaming of the token from LEND to AAVE. The so-called “avenomics” upgrade proposal converted all 100 LEND tokens into 1 AAVE token, with a maximum total supply capped at 16 million, up from 1.3 billion.

The inaugural governance vote took place at the end of September and passed with a 100% majority. Of the total new supply, 13 million of these tokens were redeemed by LEND holders, while the remaining three million went to the ecosystem reserve, described as a bootstrap fund allocated to protocol incentives according to governance.

In addition to rebasing tokens, there was the launch of a security module that served as a staking mechanism for the tokens to act as insurance against shortfall events. The staking pool introduced incentives to farm AAVE tokens so that bettors can earn “safety incentives” in addition to a percentage of protocol fees.

In mid-October 2020, the new AAVE token was trading at a high price as holders of large amounts of assets began to migrate their stashes, pushing the prices above $ 50. At the start of 2020, LEND’s price was just $ 0.02. So even with a 100-fold supply reduction and a new rebalanced price of $ 2, it was still up 2,400%. It was just the beginning.

The main goal of aavenomics was to further decentralize the protocol through token-based governance, which would become the standard for the majority of DeFi protocols.

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Bitcoin crashes, but the DeFi sector holds against it: The reasons!

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) was one of the few sectors in the crypto space that benefited this week. While Bitcoin (BTC) has been moving down for more than two weeks, some DeFi tokens have been able to gain significantly over the same period.

What is the reason for this and what news did DeFi not break in this week?

After the extreme Bitcoin price rally of the last few months, it is only normal for investors to take profits. Still, the strength of the DeFi sector is surprising. The DeFi ETF token (DPI) was only able to increase by just under five percent last week, but compared to a price decline of almost 20 percent for BTC, this is a remarkable performance.

The price driving the index this week was primarily the Aave (AAVE) lending project, which rose by 28.3 percent on a weekly basis. But other DeFi projects such as SushiSwap (SUSHI) or Uniswap (UNI) performed well this week .

In addition, the total value locked indicator, which shows how much capital is deposited in the entire DeFi sector, was relatively unaffected by the Bitcoin crash.

Total Value Locked DeFi Pulse

Total capital in DeFi logs fell 3.63 percent from $ 23.42 billion to $ 22.57 billion at press time. But what were the reasons for the continued strong performance of the DeFi sector?

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Cosa aspettarsi da crypto nel 2021: VPNOverview

Guardando indietro nel tempo, vediamo che il bitcoin ha colpito i mercati nel 2017 raggiungendo un picco imprevisto e inaspettato di oltre 19.000 dollari. Questa pietra miliare ha fatto sì che amatori e professionisti iniziassero a prestare attenzione al bitcoin e a prendere sul serio le crittocurrenze. L’ultimo anno del 2020 è stato ugualmente una corsa selvaggia per chiunque abbia guardato o investito nel mercato del bitcoin. Chiunque guardi i mercati sa che il Bitcoin ha scambiato più del 2021 andando oltre i 23.000 dollari.

Queste statistiche sono uno shock per chiunque abbia visto la Bitcoin scendere fino a 4.000 dollari all’inizio di marzo 2020, quando la pandemia (COVID-19) era alle prime fasi. Nonostante l’enorme fluttuazione dei prezzi, la Bitcoin ha viaggiato in una direzione ascendente, che è un discreto successo per una valuta che è stata lanciata sui mercati solo per un decennio. Detto questo, ci sono alcune interessanti previsioni fatte dagli esperti fintech sul futuro di questa cripto-valuta nel 2021. Continuate a leggere per saperne di più.

Per saperne di più

Si è ipotizzato che il bitcoin troverà la sua strada nel mainstream quest’anno, il 2021, per ottenere maggiore accettazione da parte del grande pubblico. L’uso del bitcoin nella vita quotidiana è sempre stato legato al problema dell’uovo di gallina. Il fatto è che sono in pochi ad accettarlo e ad usarlo, perché sono in pochi ad accettarlo e ad accettarlo. Detto questo, nonostante tutte le probabilità, il 2020 ha visto una massiccia evoluzione nell’adattamento del bitcoin. Se analizziamo i diversi mercati e le aziende fintech, vediamo che anche Paypal ha concesso ai suoi utenti il permesso di comprare e vendere con il bitcoin.

Con molte aziende fintech che danno ai loro utenti il timbro di approvazione, dovremmo abbracciare la possibilità che il mainstream veda il bitcoin come un’estensione vitale per comprare e vendere. Ci si aspetta che almeno una banca americana o europea stabilisca un sistema in cui gli acquisti con bitcoin siano abilitati. O se una delle banche permette ai clienti di detenere i loro beni digitali sotto forma di bitcoin. Vediamo come andranno le cose a lungo termine nel 2021.

Il bitcoin scatenerà una forte concorrenza

Per l’anno 2021, bitcoin si aspetta una bella concorrenza da parte delle grandi tecnologie. Indipendentemente da ciò che il bitcoin ha ottenuto in un decennio dal suo lancio, ha sicuramente costretto molte entità tecnologiche globali a pensare di offrire ai propri clienti una valuta digitale globale. La gente di tutto il mondo si rende conto dell’importanza del bitcoin e di come abbia cambiato la struttura finanziaria.

Pertanto, sempre più persone si stanno facendo avanti per investire in bitcoin. Ogni azienda che si occupa dello spazio internazionale dei pagamenti riconosce che il mercato dei pagamenti digitali sta crescendo in modo massiccio. Detto questo, capiscono che il potenziale più significativo risiede nelle diverse categorie di mercati valutari.

Bitcoin ha dimostrato con successo di essere in grado di snellire in modo rapido e abbastanza drastico il processo di transazione come valuta digitale globale. Pertanto, le aziende più importanti con una massiccia portata internazionale attueranno piani di valuta digitale per competere con il bitcoin.

Posizione competitiva delle banche centrali

Questo potrebbe essere uno shock per molti, ma si dice che oltre il 70% delle banche centrali del mondo stia lavorando al lancio della propria valuta digitale. Se guardiamo al mondo, vediamo che la Cina si è lasciata alle spalle tutte le altre nazioni con la sua posizione di valuta digitale. Ad esempio, nel 2020 si è tenuta una lotteria nella città cinese di Suzhou, dove tutti i 100.000 abitanti della città hanno ricevuto la somma vincente di 30 dollari nei loro portafogli digitali.

Con questa posizione competitiva, i vincitori sono stati incoraggiati a collegare i loro portafogli digitali ai loro conti bancari. Per intensificare l’esperimento, ai vincitori è stato chiesto di spendere il loro denaro digitale entro poche settimane, altrimenti sarebbe scomparso. Detto questo, la Cina si sta esplicitamente orientando verso l’adattamento della valuta digitale (yuan digitale), e si prevede che la domanda globale di bitcoin e di adeguate valute crittografiche sarà inferiore alla domanda globale di bitcoin e di adeguate valute crittografiche. Possiamo aspettarci che esperimenti simili sull’efficacia della moneta digitale si verifichino in altri paesi nel 2021.

Continuata instabilità

Sappiamo che il bitcoin non è associato ad una politica fiscale reale. Pertanto, la volatilità continuerà ad esistere nel 2021. In parole povere, possiamo aspettarci di affrontare le perdite o di guadagnare profitti con il bitcoin, dato che può apprezzare e deprezzarsi in modi imprevedibili come è avvenuto nell’ultimo decennio. L’unica cosa certa per il bitcoin è che la sua corsa selvaggia del 2017 e del 2020 continuerà e più probabilmente si ripeterà, quindi allacciate le cinture e state attenti.

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