Binance Listing Pushes Floki, Pepe Up 50%, WSB Rallies 200% After Refund

• Binance listing pushed Floki and Pepe up by more than 50%.
• WSB rallies over 200% after suspect offers refund option.
• Israel seized nearly 200 Binance accounts linked to terrorism.

Binance Listing Drives Crypto Prices Up

Cryptocurrency prices surged following a Binance listing, with Floki and Pepe rising more than 50%. This was followed by WSB rallying over 200% after the suspect offered a refund option.

Israel Seizes Accounts Linked to Terrorism

Israeli authorities have seized nearly 200 Binance accounts that were linked to terrorism activities over the past two years.

Voyager Intends To Return Customer Funds

Voyager is planning on returning customer funds in the coming weeks, as it looks to restore confidence in its platform following the tumultuous events of late.

Coinbase Reports Q1 Results

Coinbase reported 22% revenue growth for Q1 and a net loss of $79 million due to decreased volatility in markets during this period.

WSB Refunds Stolen Funds

The stolen WSB funds were returned to a multi-sig wallet controlled by WSBMod and two crypto influencers, ZachXBT and Loopify. The original deployer had allegedly been secretly draining funds using huge airdrops which he sold many of the tokens for 334 ETH – roughly $640,000.