Bitcoin Up 287,000%: GBPUSD 11% From All-Time Low!

• Bitcoin (BTC) is up 287,000% against the US Dollar since 2011.
• The British Pound (GBPUSD) is 11% away from its all-time low of 1.08.
• The UK Chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, has suggested a Digital Pound will be introduced this decade.

Bitcoin Up 287,000% since 2011

The cryptocurrency Bitcoin has seen an incredible amount of growth in the past decade, rising almost 287,000% against the US Dollar since 2011. This represents an astronomical increase in value and highlights how popular cryptocurrencies have become in recent years.

GBPUSD 11% Away from All-Time Low

The British Pound has been on a long-term decline since the 70s and currently sits at 1.20 USD, which is only 11% away from its all-time low of 1.08 USD. Despite this decrease in value over time, it cannot compare to the massive rise that Bitcoin has experienced over the same period of time.

Chancellor Proposes Digital Pound

UK Chancellor Jeremy Hunt recently proposed a “new trusted and accessible” way to pay with a Digital Pound for use by citizens of the United Kingdom. This proposed currency could potentially revolutionize payments within Britain and make them much easier and more secure for users than traditional methods such as cash or bank transfers do today.

Banning Hoarding Bitcoin

Under new regulations proposed by Chancellor Rishi Sunak, it is likely that hoarding ‚Bitcoin‘ will be banned due to fears of bank runs occurring as a result of people moving their money out of banks and into digital currencies like Bitcoin instead. This suggests that while governments are open to embracing digital currencies, they are still wary about them being used en masse by citizens to replace fiat money entirely.


In conclusion, we can see that both cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and traditional fiat currencies like GBPUSD can go through drastic fluctuations in value over time depending on market conditions and government policies towards them respectively. It remains to be seen whether or not these new digital pound proposals will come into fruition as intended but if they do it could have significant implications for both businesses and consumers alike within Britain going forward into the future.