Celsius Reopens Partial Withdrawals for Eligible Users: Get Up to 94% of Your Assets Back

• Celsius is allowing eligible users to withdraw 94% of their assets from the platform.
• Users must complete KYC and other account information before withdrawing assets.
• Certain user categories, such as current and former employees of Celsius, are ineligible for withdrawals.

Crypto Lender Celsius Reopens Partial Withdrawals

Celsius announced on Feb. 15 that eligible users can start withdrawing assets in certain custody accounts after they update their know-your-customer (KYC) and other account information. The court has authorized Celsius to allow eligible users to withdraw only 94% of their assets, with no limit on the amount of pure custody assets users can withdraw.

Eligible User Categories

The court order states that “Pure” custody account assets—cryptocurrencies that were never part of the Earn or Borrow program—and “Transferred” custody assets—assets transferred from the Earn or Borrow program in the 90 days before Celsius filed for bankruptcy in July—can be withdrawn. Meanwhile, current and former employees of Celsius and their affiliates are ineligible for withdrawals, as well as users with active loans as of Dec. 20, 2022, those whose assets are less than the withdrawal transaction fees, and those with aggregate transferred custody asset balance over $7,575.

Update Account Information Before Withdrawals

In order to reduce the risk of fraud and account takeovers, all eligible users must provide updated KYC information—including name, birthdate, address proofing documents like a passport or driver’s license—before they can withdraw any funds from their accounts.

Awaiting Further Court Instructions

While U.S.-based customers will be able to begin withdrawals soon after updating their account information, international customers will have to await further instructions from the court before they can access their funds. Furthermore, there is still no date set for when Earn users will be able to get their funds back due to pending court decisions about how it will proceed with these requests.


Celsius is sending emails and in-app notifications detailing how eligible users can start withdrawing funds once again after updating their accounts properly following regulatory compliance procedures established by a court order issued last week. Current and former employees of Celsius remain ineligible for withdrawals at this time while international customers must wait for further instructions from the court before accessing any funds due to legal restrictions imposed by bankruptcy proceedings initiated last summer